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Tank truck hose, steam 250 hose, water suction & discharge hose, oil suction. PU ducting hose, PVC spring hose, PVC nylon reinforced hose. Application: Tractor/ IT-DIN 20022 1SN, Tractor/ 2T-DIN 2022 2SN Goldenspir/ 4SP, Goldenspir/ 4 SH Rock master/ 12, Rockmaster / 13 & Rock master / 15 * TUBE: Extruded nitrile. * REINFORCEMENT: Multiple plies of polyester with dual helix wire. * COVER: Neoprene * TEMPERATURE RATING: -40 to + 80 F Heavy duty, suction and discharge hose. Designed specifically for transferring petroleum products to and from tankers, barges and storage tanks. Exclusive construction allows for excellent flexibility for handling ease. Specially formulated tube is resistant up to 50% aromatics. Rugged all weather cover is resistant to oil, cuts, gouges, scuffs, and ozone attack. Available in smooth or corrugated construction with built-in or swaged end styles. Meets all Coast Guard regulations for Dock/ O.S. & D. hose. Jakarta - Indonesia.